Belly Casting

We now include Belly Casting for our clients.

Belly Casting is free to those who are purchasing all digital pregnancy and newborn sessions,
and those joining our Baby Plan.

For all others, pricing is below.

Just call us to schedule a time to come in so we can create your bellycast!


Pricing is as follows.

Belly Casting:

$60 (when purchasing a maternity session)
$45 ( when purchasing a maternity-newborn session)

This is complimentary for clients who are purchasing a digital option.

Includes basic casting.

Additional designs or applications will incur additional fees.

Please call for an appointment or more information.



If we are providing your Maternity photography we can schedule the casting after your session.
Otherwise just call the studio to schedule.

WHY Belly Casting?

Having a baby is an amazing miracle and trying to imagine that tiny little bundle in a belly seems almost impossible.
There is NO greater prop then the eggshell from your own womb.

Classic and simple, we can cast you at pregnancy and store the cast until your newborn session.

Ana is working on a coffee table book and your baby’s image and cast may be included.