Maternity Pricing

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1. Assistants are always present during newborn sessions to help with safety and toddler wrangling.

2. You are welcome to change clothes and backgrounds. There is no time or pose or shoot limit.

3. Our studio has over 200 gowns to use for Maternity or Newborn sessions.

4. Session fees are due at time of booking and are listed below

5. Session fee covers the time and talent of the photographer and all that is required to run a successful studio. It does not include prints or digitals


(The fees below do not include prints or digitals – they are for the session only)

To view print pricing available, click here.

Pregnancy Session ……………………$225
Siblings and Partners included

Pregnancy Location Session……………………$325
Siblings and Partners included. Locations such as the Canyons, Parks and Beaches in OC.
For areas outside OC additional charges may apply.

Pregnancy/Solo BabyPackage…………..$350
Session is for baby only in studio.*

Pregnancy/Full Newborn Package……….$400
Session includes parents and/or siblings in studio.*

Pregnancy Milk Bath Only………….$250
Session is for Mom only – can have different looks in the bath.


1. If wanting location session for Pregnancy for Orange County…………$100

for Los Angeles…………..$200

2. Pregnancy Milk Bath ADD ON for any of the session packages…………… $250

3. Videography is available as a add on to any of the prices above……………..$150

4. Bellycasting is available as an add on…………….$50

5. Hair and Makeup is at an additional charge provided by Dolled Up OC.
Feel free to call them for a quote, as services vary.


(The fees below are for digital sessions and do not include any other fees)

Digi Pregnancy ……… $900
Includes a USB Photo Case,  Flash Drive with 25 Edited Images a proof box with 4×6 prints video is optional at no additional fee

Includes belly casting

Digi Pregnancy and Newborn……………$1950
Includes a USB Photo Case,  Flash Drive with 25 Edited Images
a proof box with 4×6 prints for pregnancy.

Includes a USB Photo Case,  Flash Drive with 35 Edited Images
and a set of 3 3×3 mini accordion books and a proof box with 4×6 prints for newborn.

Includes belly casting


1. For location sessions (Canyon, Park, Beaches) please add ……………….$100

2. For pregnancy Milk Bath please add…….. $150

3. For videography please add………..$250

4. Hair and Makeup is at an additional charge provided by Dolled Up OC.
Feel free to call them for a quote, as services vary.


 – Should you choose to cancel your session completely a 15% credit card chargeback fee will apply.

– For the sessions above, you will decide on ala carte options for prints, books, canvases or digital.

– Please call the studio for our prints, canvases, books and ala carte digital pricing.

– Pregnancy sessions usually take about an hour when in the studio, and a bit longer on location.

– Pregnancy sessions are best between 7-8 months. Please plan ahead and schedule at least a few weeks before.

– Partners and children are always welcome to participate in the session.

– Nudity is a personal option and is available in any session in the most discreet nature.

– At no time are RAW images included in any package. Images are hi resolution and will print just fine.
For large wall prints, we do suggest ordering from our studio to guarantee quality.

– All ordering appointments are handled in our studio. We can schedule as early as 5-7 days after your session.
We will review all images with you and show you product options, discuss retouching and help you with your order.
Refreshments are provided and you will have plenty of time to review images.
Children are welcome to come and play in our play area.
We have over 200 products available to you and deal with the best labs in the country.
We can order any product you can imagine.




We have over 200 gowns in my closet for my clients? I have the largest maternity gown collection around! It helps having our own warehouse and staff that makes gowns daily..I love new gowns, new ideas and giving our Mamas something comfortable to wear. Clients can find out gowns in many places, and many of our gowns can be used at Maternity and Newborn sessions.