Newborn Multiples

We adore newborns, and add multiples to the mix and we are in Heaven! While we know the arrival of twins or triplets can be overwhelming, we still urge parents to come in early. Depending upon the birth weight and if the twins were full term or not, will depend on the time frame. Premature  Twins are usually photographed between 2-3 weeks or around 6-7lbs, while full term babies can come in as early as 10 days. We have a full staff on hand, and extra help is always available. Newborn multiples sessions may take a bit longer then the typical newborn session, but all of the soothing tricks and timed feedings still apply! We have extra wraps, blankets and props that will work well, and we have our own knitters so we can make anything you desire for your newborn session. We will go over all of the wonderful details when you call to schedule or inquire. As with all of our sessions , parents and siblings are always welcome to be included in the session.


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